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Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor, Who has been treating hundreds of victims wounded in Israel’s ongoing assault, including young children. Dr. Gilbert says hospitals are operating without electricity, water and proper medical supplies, but adds: “As a medical doctor, my appeal is don’t send bandages, don’t send syringes, don’t send medical teams. The most important medical thing you can do now is to force Israel to stop the bombing and lift the siege of Gaza.” Gilbert recently recently submitted a report to the United Nations on the state of the Gaza health sector in 2014. “Where is the decency in the U.S. government allowing Israel this impunity to punish the whole civilian population in Gaza?”

so far, close to 170 Palestinians have been killed, among them 36 children and 24 women. And among the 1,232 injured, there are 346 children and 256 women. So, 50 percent of the injured are women and children. Now, this tells you that these attacks are not targeting the militarists in Palestine, in Gaza. These attacks are targeting the whole population in order to intimidate them and to force them to give up their resistance. I’ve been to Gaza through the last 17 years, and every time it is the same story. Israelis are accusing the Palestinians of attacking them; they have to defend themselves, they claim. Actually, the truth is the exact opposite. Israel is the attacker, the occupant. Internationally, they are responsible, according to the law, for the security and the well-being of the occupied population, whereas in fact Israel is doing their utmost to kill them and to make their life as miserable as possible through these seven years of siege.

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فيروز في كتاب الأغاني الثاني - تانغو من هنا حبنا مر

آه .. من هنا حبنا مر

آه .. أنبتت أرضنا زهرة

هات شف قلبي غواك

روحي تهواك

والقلوب حماك

آه .. من ترى عندنا يرنو

آه .. إنه إلفنا يدنو

هات أحلى نجواك

ها أنا مشتهاك

يا من أهواك

قامت السيدة فيروز وكانت في السادسة عشرة من عمرها بتسجيل تانغو “من هنا حبنا مر” في تشرين الأول عام 1951 عن لحن أرجنتيني: “التانغو البوهيمي” لإدواردو بيانكو، مكرسة بداية التعاون مع فرقته التي كانت أقامت في بيروت لفترة. وضع الأخوان رحباني النص بالفصحى واستطاعوا التعبير برشاقة عن المعاني الأصلية المرتبطة بحياة امرأة تعيش بشكل خارج عن المألوف.